Sunday, November 16, 2008


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5 eyebrows raised:

I am said...

u know why this looks good ?

Coz of the diagonal effect :)
apparently lines if taken in diagonal are more pleasing to the eye :)

prof. photogrpaher der kach theke aeii gyaan ta pawoa :)

Ronodip Kar said...

ah really i was not aware of the fact!!!i thought the leaves if taken diagonally would look beter:)this is outside puchis house..

Ronodip Kar said...

rather eita puchi der barir i gaach!

rituparna said...

valo :)
besh valo :)

raunaq said...

dunno abt the diagonal thingy.!
m nt a photographer.!=P..
bt yes.!
the feel is nice.!
the blur and the sharps contrast perfectly well.!