Wednesday, January 28, 2009

comfortably dumb

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5 eyebrows raised:

I am said...

The previous template was good rony...why did you change it?

Nice capture again...
I liked her hair color and cut though..there is something elegant about it..

but did not get the title :( poree bujhassh..

RAWNIE said...

ami simple template rakhbo ekhon kichudin:)
i like her haircut too..very trendy..i'v noticed dat bhikerider hairstyl bheeshon urban hoy.
title kicchu mathay ashe na..slum-bitch debo bhablam..

I am said...

:O thank god u did not give such a disrespectful title !!

I wud have been surely pissed !!

ChAsMeBadDoOr said...

she is a modern buri moina di...slum-bitch .. dile chobi ta bakwas impresion jomato

RAWNIE said...

she remind sme of a bete kangna ranaut:|