Friday, March 27, 2009


AMBIKA-KALNA is a town in the district of burdwan, has lots of archealogical monuments around 500 years old.some of the most notable sites here are the 108 SHIVA-TEMPLE,the PRATAPESHWAR TEMPLE,the RASH MANCH,the LALJI TEMPLE,the SIDDHESHWARI BARI etc..The 108 shiva temple was built by maharaj tejchandra bahadur in 1809A.D..these atchala brick temples are made of auspicious numerical combinations in two concentric circles..the outer circumfere contains 74 temples while teh inner one has 34...i went there last sunday with few of my friends...but couldnt click much pics as my digicam battery was outta charge!...and nobody had spare batteries...unlucky me :(((
and these pictures would have looked wonderful had they been taken with wide angle lenses!...alas i hav a digicam only :((

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