Thursday, June 25, 2009

location-JU campus

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7 eyebrows raised:

Anonymous said... joghonno fotos!ami er theke 1000 goon valo fotos tulte paari.Hahahahaha.

rawnie said...

whose this????

Anonymous said...

ami bhoot. :|

Anonymous said...

btw i's just jokin. :P
ur fotos r qyt nice. :)
ami ektu paagol type er acchi.
don't mind.
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. :|

RAWNIE said...

amio pagol type-ri!...
we both belong to the same category then!....
tui kirom typer bhoot??? maney roga na mota na bNyeka na shoru?

Anonymous said...

ami? :O
ami toh ektu mota. :|
Does that make me more scary?
I'm so glad!
Lokkhi purnimar raate I become a seyaal(wolf). :|

RAWNIE said...

i adore and look upto fat people !..since am anaeroxic