Thursday, September 3, 2009


LOCATION-mullickghat , kolkata

2 eyebrows raised:

RawKnuck! said...

wel...your first good ol' typs...Ram Chandra Goenka...!

he must b feeling nice to see his house on yr blog!

and it nice...not verry nice but fairly nice..=D

and yr second pic!
Oh myy.!!
what are those people doing on that ghat with all those Kaaks..=O

feeding them..bathing..!?

what i loved is...
there is a mix of all ages!

which you have nicely captured...with only one turned head.!!=P

but thats cool.!!
ekdom instant wala feel on his face!

and what on earth did you do to that girl who's hiding her face.!!

old wall young!!

the last nice too.!!
that boy reading something and some people lying and that lady wd dad boy.!!
reminds me somewhat of Varanasi too.!!

i think all holy places are alike.!!

Arts and photos said...

Love it!