Saturday, September 27, 2008


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I am said...

my take - Ok, shot!! , over processed (something I do not really like) though!!

and the dead end brick wall shows more than the hope(grass)growing near by..!!!!

Ronodip Kar said...

oh yeah i over saturated the picture:(

Kshitiz Anand said...

What camera are you using?

I will comment after that :)

Ronodip Kar said...

nikon L16

Kshitiz Anand said...

Okies.. I was hoping to say u to play around with the depth of field.. but now that I know that is not much you can do..
There seems to be a bit of a chaos in the picture. It's over saturated and does not really ring much of a bell. Or in other words, there is not much for me in the picture that one can enjoy.
In such kind of situations one would try to make the composition more powerful.
Lets see.. what are the ways that you think the composition can be improved.

Ronodip Kar said...

u know i sumwhat like the color of the grass against the brick walla but i wish i would hav taken a increased the field a bit! shwo the depth may be..and when i take brick pictures i like to warm the picture a bit!!!what do u sugest???

rituparna said...

but i like d ova-saturation it d much needed "ray of hope"

raunaq said...

Agree with the others.!the saturation level is a bit more then needed.!
but i still like the feel.!
although it could have been much better, with a lil modifications.!
cause then it'd have really brought that touch and sense to it.!

but still going with the feeling its 7/10

RAWNIE said...

#pishi-at least one person liked the pic...:)

#raunaq-hoep to geta better one next time!!!