Monday, September 22, 2008


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Kshitiz Anand said...

From time to time, I will give some tips based on which I think the compositions can be improved. I stress a lot on compositions. And perhaps for me, its the perfect belend of each element in the rame that defines a great photograph.

So starting here is a line I often live by.

As amateur photographers we have this liking for keeping everything in the frame.

When you shoot a pic, analyse it for a while. Always ask yourself a few questions.

Like if we take this shot,
Will the anvil in comlpete, make the image better? (I would either have it in the frame, or not have it. There is no middle state when composing shots).

Will the man's full body make a difference in the frame?

You say polished? I can hardly make out the shoe in the frame. So, will taking the picture from a lower angle make a difference.

These questions and similar questions, when you do for each element in the frame, you open up what artists and designers often call the third eye. This is basically a critical vision for anything that you see around.

And this comes with practice. Day in and day out. I hope you are able to do it a lot more!


Ronodip Kar said...

thanks for the suggestions kshitiz bhaiyya...(i hope i can call u bhaiyya)..but actually i generally dont prefer my subject to afce the camera....but this person was very hapy n excited thinkin his pic wil b published in the paper..n am bad at givin titles to the pics...i had the boot poilish thing n my mind..i dint think much before giving the title...ill keep in mind the points uv suggested...criticism is really important.....i need dat...wud look forward for for suggestions even further...:)

I am said...

hmmm Kshitiz, thanks I think I toolearnt here something from what I do not want in the frame,

thanks again
Bakwaas :)

Kshitiz Anand said...

My point was not at the title at all :).
And neither at the main guy in the subject. Polished is a decent title I think. I was just being critical about it.

I was trying to bring your attention to the other finer details in the frame.

You can call me anything as you wish :)

Ronodip Kar said...

now i realise -i say it polish but its teh smile dats in focus here!!lower angle would ahve been much beter!!!!

rituparna said...

i dont like subjects staring @ d camera
spoils d fun !
apart 4m dat khub e valo

raunaq said...

the subject and the smile , have really added nuffin to the shot rather destroyed it.!
bt still,
if you say..
"happy of small things", if this be the title, then one will tihnk that the person has bee focused upon..=]
so, basically..!!
Kshitiz dude, is ryt..!
it's how "you" look at the picture.!!
at the same tym it can be anythin to anyone.!

RAWNIE said...

#pishi- thanks...i second you on that..but uni ektu beshi-i khushi chilen camera dekhe..

#raunaq-i had nothing of dat sort when i clicked teh pic or added the title...its now dat i can clearly see the loopholes...